Century Companies Inc

1300 Hickory St
Pewaukee, WI 53072
(262) 547-3331
  • About

    Century Companies is a family owned and family focused portfolio of companies. It is a fourth generation business, started by Henry Bryant in 1917. Where most companies see humans as resources. Century sees humans as the point. When companies see profits as the only goal that is when quality erodes for the employee, the customer, and the community. At Century, profits are the by-product of doing what’s right for people: employees, customers, vendors, and community.

    Being a family business is our competitive advantage. It allows for the flexibility to invest in people and invest with a 50 year time horizon. This longer term focus allows for a much healthier employee experience and ultimately a better customer experience.

    There is no mandate or quarterly push. People are like oak trees. We build the business with our people. It takes time. We grow with our people.